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Traditional chainmaille weaves are very satisfying to produce and are also great fun when combined with less traditional materials such as rubber or coloured aluminium. They are fabulous to wear.

Beaded Chainmaille.

Combining traditional chainmaille designs with beads gives a whole new dimension to the classic weaves. The eye is drawn by the effect of the beads as well as the weave of the rings. A bit of bling.

Crystals and Gems.

Many people feel that these materials enhance their jewellery not just from an aesthetic point of view but due to the natural energy and detoxifying properties that the crystal or the gem provides.

Beaded Jewellery.

Our love of beads extends back through countless centuries and that love is no less today.  They are one of our oldest forms of art and we enjoy wearing them in all their forms. You can never have enough beads.  

Wrapped and Hammered.

The wrapping and hammering of wire produces flowing contours, textured lines and unusual designs. Every strike leaves the mark of the maker.  Wrapped or hammered, each item is unique.

Further Designs.

Jewellery is personal. It identifies our character. What we wear may decide our mood or define our style. By our jewellery choice we can be flamboyant or classic. Variety is the spice of life.

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Beaded Chainmaille

Beaded Jewellery

Crystals and Gems

Wrapped and Hammered

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