The Frixynics News

Welcome to the Grand Opening of the Frixynics Shop and also the very first edition of The Frixynics News.

It has been some time in the making but we bid you a warm welcome to not only our first newsletter but the grand opening of the Frixynics Shop.

For anyone who has set up their own website, you will understand the challenge in not only displaying your shop’s wares in a pleasing way but the design and production of the website that the shop sits on and all that is involved.  

I have to say that I am luckier than most as I do have a background in computer graphics and database design and this experience has helped in producing Frixynics’ new home.

Please do let me know if you encounter any glitches in the site or if you have any suggestions for items you would like to see  included in the shop.

Friday 9th November

Christmas Food Fair  at

P.E. Mead & Sons Farm Shop,


Thursday 6th December

Pamper Evening at

The Walnut’s School,

Milton Keynes  

The Frixynics News

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Christmas 2012

Christmas Ideas


We would love you to add Frixynics to your Favourites.

Dates for
the Calendar.

Essex Bling Bracelet for

the party look at Christmas.

Titanium and Rubber Choker in Christmas red for him or for her.

Garnet and Crystal Sterling Silver Earrings that everyone will love.

Christmas sparkles, fantastic with that little black party dress.





Christmas Fayres

If you would like us to email a Christmas Wish List to your loved ones or friends of your favourite Frixynics products we are happy to help.  

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